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Douglas Harper's Etymology Dictionary

variant of Aten.


The term Aton may refer to:

  • Aten or Aton, the disk of the sun, regarded as a deity in ancient Egyptian religion
  • Aton Capital, a Russian investment bank
  • ATON, abbreviation for Aid to Navigation
  • The Uysal-Walker Archive of Turkish Oral Narrative at Texas Tech University
  • ATON GmbH, parent company of EDAG (Engineering + Design AG)
  • Aton, by Irving A. Greenfield (a legend of early man; published by Avon on July 1, 1975; ASIN: B00005X7SL)
  • Aton, a surname (very rare: popularity rank in the U.S.: #75341)


  • Aton Edwards, Executive Director of the International Preparedness Network
  • Aton, a character in the game Kya Dark Lineage
  • Aton, protagonist in a series of novels by Piers Anthony

Usage examples of "aton".

He then disposed of the body out the air lock, replaced the tube in working position in the recorder, and wrote up the fact that Aton had attacked him in a fit of sudden insanity, damaging the recorder as he did so.

Finding Kator ready to defend himself, the insane Aton had then leaped into the air lock, and committed suicide by discharging himself into space.

Aton saw that his entire adult life had been a destructive nightmare of passion and pain, contaminating everything it touched.

While she lived, that prospect for interaction between her and Aton remained—which could disunify Life’s forces and send Arlo back to the cavern god.

In a few minutes they were out of the weather, under an overhang, and Aton understood that this was simply another wonder of Chthon: an opening so great in size that it had a separate meterology of its own.

In this case, the ultra-conservative Erskylls of Aton, from old Errol, Duke of Yorvoy, down, had become alarmed at the political radicalism of young Obray, and had, on his graduation from the University of Nefertiti, persuaded the Prime Minister to appoint him to a Proconsulate as far from Aton as possible, where he would not embarrass them.