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The Collaborative International Dictionary

Atomy \At"o*my\, n. [For anatomy, taken as an atomy.] A skeleton. [Ludicrous]


Atomy \At"om*y\ ([a^]t"[u^]m*[y^]), n. An atom; a mite; a pigmy.


Etymology 1 n. A floating mote or speck of dust. Etymology 2

n. (context archaic English) a skeleton


An atomy is a diminutive fairy creature or sprite of surprising smallness, that was mentioned in some historic literature.

Usage examples of "atomy".

Angels last, in countless milliards, one for every soul, one perhaps for every living being, down to the atomies that a lens could show wriggling in a spoonful of garden dirt.

Benignest kinship bids respond, When wail the weak, and them restore Whom days as fell as this may rive, While Earth sits ebon in her gloom, Us atomies of life alive Unheeding, bent on life to come.

It was then that I conceived the idea of boiling, to gather together the tiny atomies of phlogiston.

Thirty-two years since, up against the sun, Seven shapes, thin atomies to lower sight, Labouringly leapt and gained thy gabled height, And four lives paid for what the seven had won.

Hour after hour we slopped along, by the roaring torrent, and under noble Lesser Alps which were clothed in rich velvety green all the way up and had little atomy Swiss homes perched upon grassy benches along their mist-dimmed heights.

Here,--as I coil the stems between two leaves,-- It is as if, dwindling to atomy size, I cried the secret between two universes .

Wart felt so strange that he took the furry atomy without protest, and popped it into his mouth without any feelings that it was going to be horrid.

All at once a light seemed to break in upon his mind, and he woke up and there was the withered little atomy of the old lady on the other side of the moonlight, and there was the spinning wheel singing on and on in the middle of it!

Just as she was thinking that she never would quite reach it, or if she did would reach it as such an atomy that she would fall between the cracks of its paving-stones, she stopped and listened.

These vagrant atomies are like riders on winged chargers that go through space until the sun, setting, withdraws its Pegasuses and leaves the riders without a mount.