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Atlin may either be:

  • Atlin Lake, one of British Columbia's largest lakes
  • Atlin, British Columbia, a town in the far northwest of British Columbia, named for the lake
  • the Atlin Gold Rush, a Klondike-era gold rush in British Columbia, centred on the town of Atlin
  • Atlin District, the name for the region including Atlin, and also of a formal mining district of nearly the same territory
  • Atlin (electoral district), a defunct provincial electoral district in British Columbia
  • Atlin Provincial Park and Recreation Area, a provincial park in British Columbia
  • Comox—Atlin, a defunct federal electoral district in British Columbia
  • the Atlin Volcanic Field, a geological area
Atlin (electoral district)

Atlin was a provincial electoral district in the Canadian province of British Columbia. It made its first appearance on the hustings in the 10th provincial general election in 1903 and last appeared in the 34th provincial general election in 1986, after which it was merged with the Skeena riding.