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Atle may refer to:

  • Atle (given name), a Norwegian given name
  • Atle-class icebreakers, a class of Finnish and Swedish icebreakers
  • Atle (1974 icebreaker), the lead ship of her class
  • Atle-Tiba, one of the most traditional derbies in Brazilian football
Atle (given name)

Atle is a Scandinavian given name and may refer to:

  • Tor Atle Andersen, the drummer for the Norwegian progressive metal/power metal band Communic
  • Atle Antonsen (born 1969), Norwegian comedian and actor
  • Atle Bakken (born 1970), composer, performer and producer from Norway
  • Atle Douglas (born 1968), retired Norwegian middle distance runner who specialized in the 800 metres
  • Atle Eide (born 1939), Norwegian businessperson and partner with HitecVision Private Equity
  • Jon Atle Gaarder (born 1934), Norwegian diplomat
  • Atle Gulbrandsen (born 1979), racing driver and television announcer
  • Atle Haglund, Norwegian ice sledge hockey and ice sledge speed racing athlete
  • Atle Roar Håland (born 1977), Norwegian football centreback
  • Atle Hamar (born 1963), Norwegian politician for the Liberal Party
  • Atle Hansen, Norwegian orienteering competitor and world champion
  • Atle Jebsen (1935–2009), Norwegian businessperson and ship-owner
  • Atle Karlsen (keyboardist) (born 1960), keyboardist of the Norwegian Rock band DumDum Boys
  • Atle Torbjørn Karlsvik (born 1957), Norwegian naval officer
  • Atle Kittang (born 1941), Norwegian literary researcher and literary critic
  • Atle Kvålsvoll (born 1962), former professional cyclist from Norway
  • Glen Atle Larsen (born 1982), Norwegian journeyman footballer
  • Atle Maurud (born 1970), retired Norwegian football striker
  • Atle Mjove or Atli the Slender, ninth-century Norwegian jarl in Heimskringla and Egils saga
  • Atle Næss (born 1949), Norwegian author
  • Atle Norstad (born 1961), Norwegian bobsledder
  • Atle Nymo (born 1977), Norwegian jazz musician on tenor saxophone and bass clarinet
  • Atle Pettersen (born 1989), Norwegian singer, songwriter, lead singer of the band Above Symmetry
  • Atle Selberg (1917–2007), Norwegian mathematician
  • Atle Skårdal (born 1966), former alpine ski racer
  • Pål Atle Skjervengen (born 1960), retired Norwegian politician
  • Atle Ørbeck Sørheim (born 1933), Norwegian veterinarian and civil servant
  • Atle Teigland (born 1957), Norwegian trade unionist
  • Atle Thowsen (born 1940), historian, Director of the Bergen Maritime Museum
  • Atle Vårvik (born 1965), Norwegian speed skater
  • Geir Atle Wøien (born 1975), retired Norwegian ski jumper

Usage examples of "atle".

Atle saw his intention, and bade him go in search of a weapon, promising to remain motionless during his absence.

Hade hit dryuen adoun as dre3 as he atled, Ther hade ben ded of his dynt that do3ty wat3 euer.