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n. (surname: from=given names)


Atkin is a surname. Notable people with the surname include:

  • A. O. L. Atkin, British-American computational number theorist
  • Harvey Atkin, Canadian actor
  • James Atkin, Baron Atkin, British judge
  • Jerry Atkin, CEO of Skywest
  • Pete Atkin, British singer-songwriter
  • Ralph Atkin, SkyWest founder
  • Robert Travers Atkin, Member of the Queensland Legislative Assembly
  • Tim Atkin, British wine writer
  • Samuel Atkin, South Yorkshire First Division Cricketer

Usage examples of "atkin".

He took details, for by this time Interpol had been asked to look out for one Colin Widdows, previously known as Bruce Atkins, wanted for murder.

Sylvia, the witness, had spent the night together after parting from the other two, but soon afterwards Bruce Atkins had left the area and she had not seen him again.

Leaving a note to say he was emigrating, Colin then Bruce Atkins had, like the victim, disappeared.

Bruce Atkins, they learned that he had gone abroad and did not try to trace him.

She had read of the woman battered to death in Kenston, and when the police, no nearer finding the killer, went to the lengths of showing on television a brief reconstruction of a scene in The Golden Horn, she had decided to act, for she knew that Bruce Atkins, now living as Colin Widdows, had not killed this woman, nor Rene, for whose murder Stan had tried to frame him.

Lieutenant Commander Atkins which had clearly been intended to help her feel more at ease, when the hatch opened and Captain Oversteegen entered the dining cabin.

Colliers at the front, the other three at the back, first Krystal Kent, then Dave Atkins and the grubby little teenager who went by the name of Susan Sunshine.

Chief Atkins looked worried and the other members of the fire department shifted about on their folding chairs.

Hobby Show were Newell Cady, Upton Beaton, and Chief Stanley Atkins, and they moved slowly along the great assemblage of tables on which the entries were displayed.

She had taken over the ward three years ago from Sister Atkins, a dear old thing thankful to retire from the modern world of a profession suddenly full of technology which she had never quite understood.

Eugenia had realised at once that Mr Grenfell was brimming over with new ideas and spent the first enthusiastic six months carrying them out, marvelling the while that he had never so much as hinted to Sister Atkins that he had them in mind.

Willie Atkins, decried with a look at Ty, who had been dubbed Montana by his mostly southern roommates.

Willie Atkins immediately whisked her away in an exaggerated waltz that made her laugh.

He reminded me of the Tommy Atkins character from the First World War.

Bass, Pete, Nugai, Sir Ali, Sir Calum MacLeoid, Captain Sir Lucais MacantSaoir, and Dave Atkins, who had ridden down from York with Pete.