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Ath is a city in Belgium.

The acronym ATH may also refer to:

  • The IATA airport code for Athens International Airport in Athens, Greece
  • The National Rail code for Atherstone railway station, United Kingdom
  • Around the Horn, an ESPN Television Show
  • ATH, an abbreviation for atherosclerosis
  • the absolute threshold of hearing, a phenomenon of psychoacoustics
  • ATH, Polish abbreviation for University of Bielsko-Biała (Akademia Techniczno-Humanistyczna w Bielsku-Białej)
  • ATH (interbank network)
  • ATH, the command to "hang up" in the Hayes command set
  • ATH, an abbreviation, standing for "athlete" used in American football recruiting to denote a recruit whose position on the team has not yet been determined
  • Alton Towers Hotel
  • ATH is a common name for Alumina Trihydrate, see Aluminium hydroxide
ATH (interbank network)

ATH is an interbank network connecting the ATMs of various financial institutions in Puerto Rico and the Caribbean. ATH also serves as a debit card network for ATH-linked ATM cards. ATH currently has an agreement with the NYCE network to accept NYCE cards in Puerto Rico's ATH network and for Puerto Rico-based ATH cards to be accepted anywhere NYCE is accepted.

ATH is based in San Juan, Puerto Rico and is owned and operated by EVERTEC LLC. While not official, it stands for 'A Toda Hora', Spanish for 'At All Times'.

Usage examples of "ath".

If you decide to cross that dread threshold, may Ath Creator stand at your shoulder with every bright power of guidance.

He beheld the living mystery, whirled into the dance of pure light as the adepts interceded, calling down the singing powers sent forth by Ath Creator.

If Ath is the prime vibration, or life force, Daelion is what governs the manifestation of free will.

Brotherhood is that dark thread mortal men weave with Ath, the prime vibration, that creates self-punishment, or the root of guilt.

I never saw him work shadows or magecraft, Ath grant me grace, I wish never to cross wits with him again.

Yet by Ath, if he had to set the example of restraint, a gesture was needed in counterbalance.

Too undone to finesse the spells he might have tried as a restorative, Dakar offered up a muzzy prayer to Ath for a speedy, smooth pass beneAth the Wheel.

When the boy stopped breAthing, Ath wiped his blade upon the body and sheAthed it.

He stopped beside the hole Ath had dug and pulled something from a pocket.

He held it out in an open palm, and Ath saw that it was a flattened, black ovoid with a thick seam running around its edge.

After nearly draining the animal, it bloomed once again, the newer, brighter flowers almost obscuring the ones left unharvested from the pony that he and Ath had given it.

The blanket hanging over the doorway was thrust roughly aside, and Ath came panting into the room.

He was following Ath down the stone hallway in mere moments, his bare feet leaving damp prints in the dust.

He would discretely ask Ath how long it had been since he had last seen him and warn the soldiers about possible intruders.

The sorcerer pulled the blue velvet sack of kaokao leaves from his belt and tossed it to Ath, who caught it neatly in one hand.