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init. 1 (context US law enforcement English) Alcohol, Tobacco and Firearms 2 (context automotive English) Automatic Transmission Fluid 3 (context US military aviation English) advanced tactical fighter 4 (context US Navy English) Auxiliary Tugboat Fleet - a naval fleet tugboat, a fleet tug that can keep up with a fleet on operations 5 (context legal English) As Trustee For


ATF may refer to:

ATF (video game)

ATF (Advanced Tactical Fighter) is a computer game released in for the ZX Spectrum, Commodore 64 and Amstrad CPC by Digital Integration.

The player takes control of Lockheed's YF-22A Advanced Tactical Fighter (the craft which later became the F-22 Raptor) in a fictional war between two rival factions. The in-game world is a nameless collection of islands, which is randomly generated for each game. The fighter can be armed with a combination of cannon rounds (used to destroy enemy aircraft), ASRAAM missiles, and Maverick missiles for destroying ground targets, even those out of visual range.

Usage examples of "atf".

A boat 30 or 40 feet in length would provide a stable enough platform for a someone aiming a heat-seeking or laser guided SAM, even if the waters had not been perfectly calm.

And it's also why I leaned on those Hatfields and McCoys to make them bring you and Kreiss's daughter to me.

Peter Willy purported to be a death-dealing ex-Ranger and former biker who now worked the offshore oil platforms for Exxon, two weeks on, two weeks off, and occasionally spent his off time hiring out as a mercenary in South America.

Lucy is bundled in a thick down-filled jacket that doesn't seem to slow her down as she climbs up, and she is careful as she reaches the platform, pushing and tugging boards to make sure they can bear her weight.

There were, of course, the usual tourist gates with their waiting areas, ramps, and platforms.

He could jump off this platform and elude Lupus yet again, leading him another merry chase through the station, or he could crash the gate and find a way to get Marcus back through.