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The Collaborative International Dictionary

Ater or אֲתַר is an Old Testament man's name site, location, or locality.

  1. A descendant of Hezekiah, who returned from Babylon ;
  2. An Israelite, who subscribed to Nehemiah’s covenant
  3. A porter ;
  4. An old town in Bhind District, India

Ater is also a Latin adjective meaning "black, dark, gloomy, dismal or malicious".

Ater (Vidhan Sabha constituency)

Ater Vidhan Sabha constituency (formerly, Attair) is one of the 230 Vidhan Sabha (Legislative Assembly) constituencies of Madhya Pradesh state in central India. This constituency came into existence in 1951, as one of the 79 Vidhan Sabha constituencies of the erstwhile Madhya Bharat state.

Usage examples of "ater".

When they had both gained equilibrium, treading with their shoulders above water, Naqi was finally able to take stock.

The default watercoloured lilies and sea serpents melted away, replaced by tables of numbers, sinuous graphs and trembling histograms.

A century later, old enmities smouldered just beneath the surface of cordial intercity politics.

Even the shadow of the airship, pushed far ahead of it by the low sun, had some influence on the movement of the material.

To her surprise, it was still active: instead of the usual watercolour patterns the display showed the messages she had been scrolling through earlier.

Cold water was pumped down each umbilical by peristaltic compression waves, heated by being circulated in the superheated thermal environment of the underwater volcanoes, and then pumped back to the surface.

The biomass sensed the approach of the probes and rearranged itself so that they passed through with little obstruction, even those scything lines that reached into the water.

A single data point -- even a single clutch of measurements -- could not usually prove or disprove anything, but it might later turn out to play a vital role in a chain of argument, even if it was only in the biasing of some statistical distribution closer to one hypothesis than another.

It was a circular zone of exposed seawater, like a lagoon enclosed by the greater mass of the node.

What'll prob ably happen is we'll hit the water and there won't be any kind of biochemical interaction.

Naqi was underwater for a moment before she bobbed to the surface, holding her breath.

At first she had to make a conscious effort to start breathing again: the air immediately above the water was so saturated with microscopic organisms that choking was a real possibility.

The suits themselves could become buoyant if necessary -- the right sequence of tactile commands and dozens of tiny bladders would inflate around the chest and shoulder area -- but it was easy enough to tread water.

Now the edge of the lagoon had become irregular, extending peninsulas towards the centre of the dwindling circle of water, while narrow bays and inlets fissured back into the larger mass of the node.

She felt heavy, and when she looked down she saw that a green haze had enveloped the parts of her body that she could see above water.