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The Collaborative International Dictionary

Atake \A*take"\, v. t. To overtake. [Obs.]

Usage examples of "atake".

Whan ended was the lyf of seinte Cecile, Er we hadde riden fully fyve mile, At Boghtoun under Blee us gan atake A man, that clothed was in clothes blake, And undernethe he wered a whyt surplys.

Faste have I priked," quod he, "for youre sake, By cause that I wolde yow atake, To riden in this myrie compaignye.

The day the Colonel had died, the Linnears' new gardener, another old man, a Zen master of his leafy domain, to take the beloved Atake's place in the house on the outskirts of Tokyo, had begun to rake the snow.