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Etymology 1 n. (context computing English) Advanced Technology Attachment; a computer bus technology primarily designed for transfer of data to and from a hard disk. (gloss: Renamed PATA when SATA came into existence to more clearly distinguish the two.) Etymology 2

n. (context martial arts English) American Taekwondo Association; a company founded by the late Heung Ung Lee. Dedicated to teaching Tradional Taekwondo (Songahm style) to people from Tiny Tiger-hood (ages 4-6) to Junior-hood (ages 7-17) to Senior-hood (18-?).


Áta is a village in Baranya county, Hungary.


Ata is a small, rocky island in the far south of the Tonga archipelago, situated on . It is also known as Pylstaart island. It should not be confused with Atā, which is an uninhabited, low coral island in the string of small atolls along the Piha passage along the northside of Tongatapu, nor should it be confused with Ata, a traditional chiefly title from Kolovai.

Ata (name)

Ata is the anglicized form of several names.

  • In Arabic, is a name meaning " Gift". It also appears in Persian .
  • In Turkish, Ata is a masculine given name meaning " Forefather".
  • In Fante, Ata means "one of twins".

Ata, Atta, or Ataa may refer more specifically to:

Usage examples of "ata".

As I walked past the glass-panelled door, Ata Dei emerged from the gloom inside.

Anyone caught in the crossfire between Ata and the Sailor fares worse than either of them.

By marrying Ata he sated her craving for eternal life, but the wedding also guaranteed that she would be nearby to quarrel with him for the rest of his existence.

Peregrine because Ata has something to discuss with me about our daughter.

I wanted to stop Mist and Ata destroying each other-when the Empire needed them both.

In this way Ata made the entire island her stronghold, while Mist had simply embellished the port.

I saw him, he was preparing to race to Peregrine before Ata could catch him.

Then I must go to the coast and see if Mist and Ata have killed each other yet.

I flew the length of the line, seeing how Ata had made use of shallow water at the coastal side.

My lord, with a letter Castle-sealed I can force Ata to come to Rachiswater too and save her quarrel until later.

I thought you had a blameless past, so giving Ata grounds for blackmail was a doubly stupid thing to do.

Swallow and Ata and any other women for a year, while we turn the tide to obliterate the Insects.

The towers were a web in which Ata sat spider-like waiting for the fly to appear.

Like a damn fool Rhydanne I had swept in to where Ata was indisputably sovereign of her island and stronger than I had ever imagined.

Even the corvine lady behind Ata looked apprehensive, as if she thought that a man capable of flight was capable of any feat.