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For the Star Wars Imperial Walker see AT-AT

Artilleriyskiy Tyagach Tyazholiy, or AT-T (, meaning heavy artillery tractor) was a Soviet Cold War era artillery tractor. The AT-T is based on the Chassis and drive system from the T-54 Tank.However, the tub has been rotated through 180 °. Engine, clutch, gearbox, steering gear and the drive wheels are in the front of the vehicle. The crew cabin is also located in the front part of the vehicle. The cab is from the ZIS-150 and ZIL-164 truck.

Vehicles based on AT-T include:

  • BAT-M obstacle removing vehicle.
  • BTM-3 high-speed trench digging vehicle.
  • MDK-2M pits digging vehicle.
  • P-40 radar