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n. (context Australia English) (initialism of Australian stock exchange Stock Exchange English)


ASX may refer to:

  • Australian Securities Exchange, the primary stock exchange of Australia
  • Advanced Stream Redirector, a computer file format listing Windows Media files (.asx)
  • Armstrong Siddeley ASX, a British experimental turbojet
  • John F. Kennedy Memorial Airport (IATA Airport Code)
  • Mitsubishi ASX, a type of automobile

Asx may refer to:

ASx may refer to:

  • Alto saxophone

asx may refer to:

  • Asymptomatic, in medical shorthand

Usage examples of "asx".

Then others began paying us/me homage, calling us Asx, chief sage of the Traeki Sept and member of the Guiding Council of the Six.

Re-create the scene perceived by Asx, staring up in awe, watching the great Jophur warship, Polkjhy, swoop from the sky, taking the pirates captive, then landing in this tortured valley.

But Asx was slow, too slow even to shelter nearby comrades with its traeki bulk.

With surprising coherence for a stack without a master, tapping waxy streaks of eloquence, Asx pleaded, cajoled, and reasoned with the enigmatic creatures who peered from behind glaring lights.

The old traeki, Asx, managed to melt many waxy memories beiore completion of metamorphosis.

These worthless-seeming toruses, left over from the former Asx, hold waxy expertise about human ways that could prove useful to the Obeyer Alliance, if a prophesied time of change truly has come upon the Five Galaxies.

Anyway, can we trust memories inherited from Asx, who slyly remelted many core drippings?

Some former Asx rings shared their revulsion, but I clamped down with electric jolts of discipline.

Yes, My rings, you identify this g'Kek as Vubben-a friend and colleague from your days as Asx the traeki.

Memory stacks inherited from Asx indicate a disgusting level of interspecies loyalty among the mongrel races of Jijo.

What memories did the traeki High Sage purposely destroy, during those stressful moments before Asx was converted?

Those valuable recall tracks that were erased when brave-foolish Asx melted the wax!

Did the Asx personality so damage us, with its second attempt at suicide-by-amnesia?

Yes, My rings, you identify this g’Kek as Vubben-a “friend and colleague” from your days as Asx the traeki.

If dissension infests this entity which others call Asx, can a society of individuals cohere any better?