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init. (context military English) '''A'''nti-'''S'''ubmarine '''W'''arfare


ASW, a three-letter abbreviation, may refer to:

  • High-temperature insulation wool#alumino silicate wool
  • Anti-submarine warfare
  • Artificial seawater
  • Aswan International Airport, Egypt, IATA code
  • All Star Wrestling, a professional wrestling promotion based in Liverpool, England
  • All-Star Wrestling, a former professional wrestling promotion based in Vancouver, Canada
  • aSmallWorld, an online social network service
  • American School of Warsaw, Poland.
  • Amalgamated Society of Woodworkers, former UK trades union
  • African ancestry in southwestern USA, a populations of the International HapMap Project.
  • Arc System Works, a video game development company

Usage examples of "asw".

They were not molested by the Xenos, who paid no attention to them asw long as they did not come closer than a mile from the center of the planetoid, where huge excavations apparently were in progress.