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Asur may refer to:

  • Asur, India
  • Asur, Iran
  • Romanian Secular-Humanist Association
  • asur, a Hebrew word meaning "prohibited" (by religious law), its antonym is mutar
Asur (India)

Asur are the indigenous people of India who live in Jharkhand and West Bengal. Asur is considered to be one of the oldest indigenous communities of India. K K Leuba’s study reveals that the present Asur are the descendants of the Asur of Mahabharat Age. Archaeological excavations in Jharkhand have confirmed this fact.

Usage examples of "asur".

I had reason to suspect that he was residing somewhere in the deep trenches near the Asur Islands.

They had gotten a bluntly worded order to move from their usual grounds near the Asur Islands and make their way to the deep water near Bamude.

Ridge upon ridge faced us, rising higher and higher to the horizon about six miles away where Burj Lisaneh stood up like a sugar-loaf, while to our half-right steepish slopes covered with fig trees, not yet in leaf, rose up to the heights of Tel Asur 3318 feet high.