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Astrea may refer to:

  • Astraea, Greek deity
  • Astrée, the title character of Honoré d'Urfé's novel L'Astrée, which was an influential European bestseller in the 17th century
  • Astrea, Colombia, a municipality in the department of Cesar, Colombia
  • ASTREA, an acronym for the Aerial Support To Regional Enforcement Agencies unit of the San Diego County Sheriff's Department
  • Astrea, a leading protagonist of the 1978 Filmation animated television series, Space Sentinels
  • Astrea, the pseudonym used by writer Aphra Behn
  • '' Astrea, a genus of corals
  • Astrea placata, a Russian opera by Tommaso Traetta
  • Astrea Redux, a poem by John Dryden
  • HMS Astrea, one of several vessels, primarily frigates, of the Royal Navy
  • Il ritorno di Astrea, a poem by Vincenzo Monti
  • , a United States Navy patrol boat in commission from 1917 to 1919 or 1920

  • Astrea IT Services, a Software consulting company in India
  • Astrea, West End, a heritage-listed house in Queensland, Australia