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The Collaborative International Dictionary

Asterion \As*te"ri*on\, n. [Gr. 'aste`rion starry.] (Anat.) The point on the side of the skull where the lambdoid, parieto-mastoid and occipito-mastoid sutures. [1913 Webster] ||


n. (context anatomy English) The point on the side of the skull corresponding to the posterior end of the parietomastoid suture.


n. the craniometric point at the junction of the lamboid suture and the occipitomastoid suture and the parietomastoid suture


In Greek mythology, Asterion (; Greek: , gen.: , literally "starry") or Asterius (; ) denotes two sacred kings of Crete, as well as a river and its god in Argos.

Asterion (disambiguation)

Asterion can refer to:

  • Asterion, a figure in Greek mythology
  • Asterion (god), a river-god in Greek mythology
  • Asterion, a star, also known as Chara or as Beta Canum Venaticorum
  • The House of Asterion, a short tale by Jorge Luis Borges
  • Asterion (anatomy), a point on the human skull
  • Asterion, a Thessalian Argonaut in Argonautica
  • Lamborghini Asterion, a sports car
  • Asterion, another name for the star Chara in the constellation of Canes Venatici.

Asterios can refer to:

  • Asterios Polyp, a graphic novel by David Mazzucchelli
  • Asterios Karagiannis, a Greek footballer
Asterion (anatomy)

The asterion is the point on the skull corresponding to the posterior end of the parietomastoid suture.

Asterion (god)

Asterion is a river-god, presumably one of the sons of Oceanus and Tethys. Asterion was one of the three river-gods (the other two being Inachus and Cephisus) who awarded the territory of Argolis to Hera over Poseidon. Poseidon, in anger, made the waters of all three rivers disappear so that they don't flow unless it rains, and are dry in summer.

Asterion had three daughters, Euboea, Prosymn, and Acraea, who were the nurses of Hera.

Usage examples of "asterion".

Wracked by jealousy, Cornelia had become the pawn of Asterion, the ancient Minotaur and archenemy of the Game, and had murdered Genvissa just as she and Brutus were about to complete the Game.

Asterion who had kept Brutus and Genvissa locked within death for so long, and Asterion who had finally removed the barriers to their rebirth.

Had Asterion wanted to find the bands and destroy the Game without risking their rebirth?

It was the lodestone for both of them, and unless Asterion had also somehow managed to keep Genvissa-reborn away from the city, William knew she would be there, somewhere.

Many thousands of years ago, Asterion had been trapped within the heart of the Great Founding Labyrinth of Crete.

No matter how many times he caused the temples and churches atop Lud Hill to be razed, Asterion could never discover the labyrinth.

Asterion a cup, and Asterion put a smile on his face, nodding cheerfully to Edward when the king looked at him, and toasted William of Normandy with wine while in his heart he cursed him.

Asterion did not want to meet William until he, Asterion, was well and ready.

She was very well aware that Asterion lurked somewhere, and, after the mistakes of the past life, Swanne was not going to make another ill-considered move until she knew precisely where Asterion was and what power he commanded.

They lie there still, even though I think Asterion hunted through two thousand years for them so he could use them to destroy the Game.

Ecub knew of Asterion from Loth, as well as from the knowledge she had gained during the long death between her last life and this one.

Troy Game was moving, and it was time for Asterion to put into motion the plan that he had spent this entire lifetime constructing.

As well as the Game, Swanne could feel Asterion more strongly than ever before.

Neither Hera nor Mag realized that Asterion knew of their entire, inept plan.

Gods thought to outwit him, Mistresses of the Labyrinth thought to deceive him, and Asterion was a step ahead of all of them.