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The Collaborative International Dictionary

Assot \As*sot"\, a. Dazed; foolish; infatuated. [Obs.]

Willie, I ween thou be assot.


Assot \As*sot"\, v. t. [OF. asoter, F. assoter; ? (L. ad) + sot stupid. See Sot.] To besot; to befool; to beguile; to infatuate. [Obs.]

Some ecstasy assotted had his sense.

  1. (context obsolete English) dazed; foolish; infatuated v

  2. (context obsolete transitive English) To besot; to befool; to infatuate.

Usage examples of "assot".

A priest of Assot, God of Music and Prophecy, had long ago declared that the Empire would endure until The Archer turned his bow.

And this I know: thou art assoted, girl, If thou dost think King Arthur loves thee not!

But Joyce is assotted of a young pianist, Adair Scott, who is a good ten years her junior, and of god-like beauty, so they are an astonishing pair.

The Fourth Book, how Merlin was assotted, and of war made to King Arthur, and containeth xxix chapters.

Fond of a concertina and pairs passing when she's had her forty winks for supper after kanekannan and abbely dimpling and is in her merlin chair assotted, reading her Evening World.