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The Collaborative International Dictionary

Assoil \As*soil"\, v. t. [OF. assoiler, absoiler, assoldre, F. absoudre, L. absolvere. See Absolve.]

  1. To set free; to release. [Archaic]

    Till from her hands the spright assoiled is.

  2. To solve; to clear up. [Obs.]

    Any child might soon be able to assoil this riddle.
    --Bp. Jewel.

  3. To set free from guilt; to absolve. [Archaic]

    Acquitted and assoiled from the guilt.
    --Dr. H. More.

    Many persons think themselves fairly assoiled, because they are . . . not of scandalous lives.
    --Jer. Taylor.

  4. To expiate; to atone for. [Archaic]

    Let each act assoil a fault.
    --E. Arnold.

  5. To remove; to put off. [Obs.]

    She soundly slept, and careful thoughts did quite assoil.


Assoil \As*soil"\, v. t. [Pref. ad- + soil.] To soil; to stain. [Obs. or Poet.]
--Beau. & Fl.

Ne'er assoil my cobwebbed shield.


vb. 1 (context transitive archaic English) To absolve, acquit; to release from blame or sin. 2 (context archaic English) To set free, release. 3 To solve; to clear up. 4 To expiate; to atone for. 5 To remove; to put off.


v. pronounce not guilty of criminal charges; "The suspect was cleared of the murder charges" [syn: acquit, clear, discharge, exonerate, exculpate] [ant: convict]

Usage examples of "assoil".

Eternity, which neither fire will assoil, nor tempest peril, nor the wrath of years impair.

Having no talent for the sword, not being a man of my hands as my brother John of Somerset wasmay God assoil himI decided I must use my brain.

With these two great nations now under her control, Vinnengael becomes the most powerful nation in Loerem, more powerful than she was under the rule of my father, King Tamaros, the gods assoil him.

He was hardly cold in the ground, may God assoil him, before she was beset by suitors begging for her hand.

But when the offending peer is also the Prime Minister of this great country, it becomes doubly the duty of those who watch over the public safety,'--Mr Slide always speaks of himself as watching over the public safety,--'to animadvert upon his crime till it has been assoiled, or at any rate repented.

Of the ladies with whose encounters with the law I propose to deal several were assoiled of the charges against them.

The death in my arms assoiling me from fear, I regarded them all unmoved, although never, sure, was elsewhere beheld such a crew accursed!

And the priest assoils him thoroughly and set him as clean as if doomsday had been due on the morrow.