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Assiniboia District refers to two historical districts of Canada's North-West Territories. The name is taken from the Assiniboine First Nation.

Assiniboia (provincial electoral district)

Assiniboia is a provincial electoral division in the Canadian province of Manitoba. It was first created for the 1879 provincial election, was eliminated in 1888, and was re-established in 1903. It is located in the westernmost tip of the City of Winnipeg.

Assiniboia is bordered on the east by St. James and Lakeside, to the south by Kirkfield Park, to the north by Lakeside, and to the west by Morris.

The riding's population in 1996 was 20,441. In 1999, the average family income was $53,881, and the unemployment rate was 6.50%. Retail trade accounts for 15% of the riding's industry.

Until 1920, Assiniboia was a marginal riding between the Manitoba Liberal Party and Conservative Party. Between 1920 and 1949, it was a hotly contested riding between the Conservatives and candidates of the Independent Labour Party and Manitoba Co-operative Commonwealth Federation (CCF).

The riding was dominated by the Liberals from 1949 until 1977, and then by the Progressive Conservatives from 1977 to 1999. The New Democratic Party of Manitoba's (NDP) victory in 1999 was completely unexpected, and occurred by a margin of only three votes.

Assiniboia (electoral district)
For the current Manitoba provincial electoral district, see Assiniboia (provincial electoral district)

Assiniboia was a federal electoral district in Saskatchewan, Canada, that was represented in the Canadian House of Commons from 1908 to 1988. This riding was created in 1907 following the admission of Saskatchewan into the Canadian Confederation in 1905. It was abolished in 1987 when it was redistributed into Moose Jaw—Lake Centre, Regina—Qu'Appelle, Regina—Wascana, Souris—Moose Mountain and Swift Current—Maple Creek—Assiniboia ridings.

Assiniboia (disambiguation)

Assiniboia may refer one of a number of different locations and administrative jurisdictions in Canada. The name is taken from the Assiniboine First Nation, and the Assiniboine River, named for the people.

  • Assiniboia refers to either of two historical districts in Canada's North-West Territories.
  • Assiniboia, Saskatchewan is a town in south-central Saskatchewan.
  • Assiniboia (electoral district) was a Canadian federal electoral district in Saskatchewan that was represented in the Canadian House of Commons from 1908 to 1988.
  • Assiniboia (provincial electoral district) is the name of a current provincial electoral district in the Canadian province of Manitoba.
  • Assiniboia is also a city ward in Winnipeg, Manitoba with subdivisions known as Crestview, Westwood, and St. Charles.

There are also:

  • Assiniboia East, a former Canadian federal electoral district
  • Assiniboia West, a former Canadian federal electoral district
  • the Council of Assiniboia, the appointed administrative body for Rupert's Land which existed from 1821 to 1870
  • the Legislative Assembly of Assiniboia, a legislature set up for a provisional government established by Louis Riel from 1869 to 1870