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n. (plural of assent English) vb. (en-third-person singular of: assent)

Usage examples of "assents".

These are the Desires and Aversions, the Pursuits and Avoidances, or the exercise of the active powers, and the Assents of the understanding.

Let us see," mademoiselle assents, with many angry and tight nods of her head.

She assents to all we say to her about submission, in a sweet, gentle way, and then comes the invariable, mournful wail, "But it was so unexpected!

And so at the last, by both their assents, they were made friends and sworn-brethren for ever, and no man can judge the better knight.

Every time the abolitionist speaks of justice, the anti-abolitionist assents says, yes, I wish the world were filled with a disposition to render to every man what is rightfully due him.

Every time he speaks of love, of human brotherhood, and the reciprocal duties of man and man, the anti-abolitionist assents – says, yes, all right – all true – we cannot have such ideas too often, or too fully expressed.

But, perhaps, they thought common sense or natural logic sufficient for this purpose, and artificial logic, which they meant, but did not express clearly by the word Assents, necessary as a guard only against sophistry.