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ASO may refer to:

Aso (Pugad Baboy story arc)

Aso ( Filipino for dog) is an adventure story arc of the Philippine comic strip series Pugad Baboy, created by Pol Medina Jr. and originally published in the Philippine Daily Inquirer. This particular story arc lasts 88 strips long. In 2003, the story arc was reprinted in Kinse!, the fifteenth book compilation of the comic strip series. Aso is one of the three longest Pugad Baboy story arcs, the other being Maidnappers and Green Heroine.

Aso (river)

The Aso is a river in the Marche region of Italy. For most of its course the river marks the boundary between the provinces of Ascoli Piceno and Fermo

The river’s source is in the Monti Sibillini, near Foce in the Commune of Montemonaco, at an elevation of . The Aso flows through the settlements of Tofe, San Giorgio all’Isola, Illice, Piane, Comunanza, Montecchio, Madonna del Lago, Aso and Rubbianello before entering the Adriatic Sea at Pedaso, where it delivers a mean discharge of .

Aso (surname)

, also spelled Asou or Asoh, is a Japanese surname. People with this surname include:

  • Marina Ōno (born 1972), also known as Hiromi Asō, voice actress and singer
  • Izumi Aso (born 1960), manga artist
  • Kaori Asoh (born 1967), theatre and voice actress
  • Aso Koremitsu (1582–1593), nobleman of the Azuchi-Momoyama era
  • Kumiko Aso (born 1978), actress
  • Mamiko Asō (born 1964), singer and businesswoman
  • Miyoko Asō (born 1926), voice actress
  • Natsuko Aso (born 1990), actress and singer
  • Nobuko Aso (born 1955), birth name of Princess Tomohito of Mikasa
  • Nozomi Aso (born 1988), adult video actress
  • Masao Urino (born 1951), also known as Reiji Asō, lyricist, script writer, and film director
  • Tarō Asō (born 1940), politician and 59th Prime Minister of Japan
  • Tomohisa Asō (born 1949), voice actor
  • Wataru Aso (born 1939), governor of Fukuoka prefecture from 1995 to 2011
  • Yumi Asou (born 1963), actress

Usage examples of "aso".

Ilou as snolenunci mme ctere sellurah, plaa amy mmog,s de wecr aso nrewhe.