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Itwasn't the sort of thing Buchanan was likely to change hismind about after a good night's sleep, and there was asmuch chance of Grassick giving his blessing to a review ofhis wife's demise as of his donning a tutu and performingan entrechat in the forum of the High Court.

Evidently it wasn't asmuch fun as he had expected it to be, and he was nowslipping deeper into what Buchanan suspected was hisnormal state of profound depression.

The temptation to keep both Fizz and himself asmuch in the shadows as possible had made him lax and hewas already beginning to wish he had taken the trouble tospeak to some of Giles's informants himself.

Feist Jimmy glanced at his servant and said, "If I've scratched my chin asmuch as you, it is certain I look like a chimney sweep.

Summoning asmuch strength as he could, he tried to crush Malar's wrist by sheer willpower.

Hokanu knewMara was a shrewd judge of character - she had proven asmuch by staying alive as long as she had.

Inasmuch as they stayed as far away as possible from the villes, Grant often wondered who they thought they were fooling by paying lip service to a political cause.

Balam couldn't be counted, inasmuch as he was a pris­oner and not truly human.

Inasmuch as he sounded the clarion call to the other barons, he'll have little choice.

After he had been crippled, his psi-powers availed him nothing, inasmuch as he was re-stricted to dragging himself around his cell by fingers and elbows.

Inasmuch as their use was restricted to a select few of the units, it was fairly easy for them to memorize which color designated what re­doubt.

Inasmuch as the transadapts were engineered to have far shorter life spans than hu­man beings—very few live past thirty years of age—it was conceivable that they could all be dead within a single generation.

In­asmuch as the bulk of his support came from port cities and coastal towns, unless he could vote the graveyard, he just might not be reelected.