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Aslaug, also called Aslög, Kráka, Kraba or Randalin, was a queen in Norse mythology who appears in Snorri's Edda, the Völsunga saga and in the saga of Ragnar Lodbrok as his wife.

Aslaug (given name)

Aslaug is a Norwegian feminine given name, derived from Old Norse prefix áss-, meaning "god", and suffix -laug, possible meaning "betrothed woman". The Swedish cognate is Aslög; the Danish cognate is Asløg. Aslaug is uncommon as a surname. People with the name Aslaug include:

  • Aslaug, a queen of Scandinavian mythology
  • Aslaug Dahl (b. 1949), Norwegian, Olympic cross-country skier
  • Åslaug Grinde (b. 1931), Norwegian politician
  • Åslaug Haga (b. 1959), Norwegian politician
  • Åslaug Linge Sunde (b. 1917), Norwegian politician

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