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The Collaborative International Dictionary

ASL \ASL\ n. same as American sign language, the sign language used in the US.

Syn: American sign language, AMESLAN


init. 1 American Sign Language 2 Age, Sex, Location (same as asl) 3 Above sea level 4 Advanced Squad Leader

ASL (disambiguation)

ASL is a common initialism for American Sign Language, the sign language of the United States and Canada, and may also refer to:

Usage examples of "asl".

I lay down on my right side so that the light fell in my face, which was unpleasant, but I hoped it would at once convince the robber that I was asleep.

As I watched, some of the men came forward to uncover the spring, led by a man whom I at first took for Ibn Asl himself.

I had heard enough to know that to-night must be done what we had to do, for Ibn Asl, and others not yet come from Bir Murat, would be here in the course of the next day.

It was Ben Kasawi and his "monster," and I was obliged to change the order of exercises on which I had determined in the expectation of finding them asleep.

When I found that there was no hope of capturing him I returned in a fury of rage against Selim, through whose stupidity I knew too well that we should never catch Ibn Asl on the morrow, for the man who had escaped was certainly gone to warn him of his danger.

I believe he comes from Ibn Asl, who seeks revenge for the rescue of your women and who may easily know that I am going to Khartum.

It belonged to our recent acquaintance, the spy, and the other was nothing else than the voice of Abd Asl, the father of the slave-dealer, the holy old fakir who had so nearly murdered Ben Nil and me.

I hope that they may speak of Ibn Asl's whereabouts, and of his plans.

It might be too late to warn the Reis Effendina, but the attempt must be made, and if it were too late he must be rescued from the hands of Ibn Asl.

The Oschefireh Hassanieh was seventy-five good miles from the lake where we had captured Abd Asl.

I inquired if a ship which was striking in appearance, being neither a "dahabijeh" nor a "noquer," an old craft, had passed, and on being told that it had not, felt most uneasy, for no one could have failed to notice the Reis Effendina's ship from her peculiar build, and if she had not been seen it showed she had not passed beyond Ibn Asl's reach.

He has gone to capture a Christian Effendi who is returning from the Fessarah country, where he has taken women of that tribe whom Ibn Asl had captured, and this accursed cur rescued.

And when Abd Asl has captured him what is to be his fate for such meddling?

The "Aschia," the prayer ordained for the hour after sunset, was said, and we mounted and began the ride which was to bring me, for life or death, into the presence of the dreaded Ibn Asl.

Our guide left us to wait at the outskirts of the woods, while he rode on to announce our coming to Ibn Asl.