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The Collaborative International Dictionary

Ask \Ask\, v. t. [imp. & p. p. Asked; p. pr. & vb. n. Asking.] [OE. asken, ashen, axien, AS. [=a]scian, [=a]csian; akin to OS. [=e]sc[=o]n, OHG. eisc[=o]n, Sw. [=a]ska, Dan. [ae]ske, D. eischen, G. heischen, Lith. j["e]sk['o]ti, OSlav. iskati to seek, Skr. ish to desire.

  1. To request; to seek to obtain by words; to petition; to solicit; -- often with of, in the sense of from, before the person addressed.

    Ask counsel, we pray thee, of God.
    --Judg. xviii. 5.

    If ye abide in me, and my words abide in you, ye shall ask what ye will, and it shall be done unto you.
    --John xv. 7.

  2. To require, demand, claim, or expect, whether by way of remuneration or return, or as a matter of necessity; as, what price do you ask?

    Ask me never so much dowry.
    --Gen. xxxiv. 12.

    To whom men have committed much, of him they will ask the more.
    --Luke xii. 48.

    An exigence of state asks a much longer time to conduct a design to maturity.

  3. To interrogate or inquire of or concerning; to put a question to or about; to question.

    He is of age; ask him: he shall speak for himself.
    --John ix. 21.

    He asked the way to Chester.

  4. To invite; as, to ask one to an entertainment.

  5. To publish in church for marriage; -- said of both the banns and the persons.

    Syn: To beg; request; seek; petition; solicit; entreat; beseech; implore; crave; require; demand; claim; exhibit; inquire; interrogate. See Beg.


vb. (en-past of: ask)

Usage examples of "asked".

I suppose I should have asked someone, but I had been so long away from people, all sorts and sizes of people, that faces and forms were entertaining to me.

Maxil was named as next in line and he was asked to step forward and present his claim.

Stannall asked if anyone present knew of any just reason why Maxil, second son of Father, son of Hillel, son of Clemmen, true blood and seed of Harlan the First, Defender of the People, should not be Warlord-elect in this, his sixteenth year of life.

In most courteous terms he asked me to attend a meeting in half an hour at Stannall's office beyond the Great Hall in the administration wing.

He rose, drawing a slate out of his belt pouch, and sitting down on the bed beside me, asked if I could draw a map of my world.

To his intense gratification, he was asked to remain as the First Speaker ran through the records of that initial contact with another intelligent species.

So he asked me to take him to my father so you could give him a tail, too.

Lawrence asked sarcastically, leaning his hands on the desk and rocking back and forth.

Pat asked, looking up at him with watery eyes, sniffling back her tears.

Ben asked, automatically feeling the mare's chest as she greedily slurped in the water trough.

When no one asked Eckerd to make a second pass over the reptile, Buzz opened the copter up, leaving the scene in haste.

Chaminade asked in a deadly cold voice, his emotions now sealed behind his small white mask of a face.

He isn't used to walking so far," he added as an afterthought, and then asked Hrruna if the gracious noble sir would like some refreshment.

She had acquired a startling fluency in Terran overnight -- at least that's what it seemed like to Pat -- as she outlined the day's incredible schedule and asked Pat's assistance.

Kiachif asked in mild surprise, favoring Hrrula with a thoughtful look.