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vb. (obsolete spelling of ask English)


Aske or ASKE may refer to:

  • Aske (EP), an EP by Burzum
  • Aske, North Yorkshire, England
    • Aske Hall
  • ASKE, Association for Skeptical Enquiry
  • Α.Σ.Κ.Ε., Fighting Socialist Party of Greece
  • Robert Aske (political leader) (1500–1537)
  • Robert Aske (merchant) (1619–1689)
Aske (EP)

Aske ( Norwegian for "ashes") is an EP by Norwegian black metal solo project Burzum. Though recorded in April and August 1992, after Det som engang var, it was released before that album in March 1993, through Deathlike Silence Productions.

Usage examples of "aske".

Whereupon I went to Fotis, to aske counsell of her as of some Divine, who although she was unwilling that I should depart one foot from her company, yet at length shee gave me license to bee absent for a while, saying , Beware that you tarry not long at supper there, for there is a rabblement of common Barrettors and disturbers of the publique peace, that rove about in the streets and murther all such as they may take, neither can law nor justice redress them in any case.

To asken help thee shameth in thyn herte, If thou noon aske, so soore artow ywoundid That verray nede unwrappeth al thy wounde hid.