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ASIT may refer to:

  • ASiT - Association of Surgeons in Training
  • Allergen-specific immunotherapy
  • Aşıt River

Usage examples of "asit".

In the event of a siege,no precious stores would be wasted on societalparasites.

  There was a slither ofsteel over steel and Aboli's blade stopped an inch from his nipple asit showed through the white shirt.

  He was terrified, which excited her asit excited the large crowd around her.

  He watched its flight, point first, unwavering and true, thelantern-light sending golden sparks from the precious inlaid metal asit flew.

  Most were still in chains, but as soon asit was light they began the work of freeing them.

There was, asit turned our, a huge log fire cracking at the manor, throwing a dancing light on the marble floor of the cir-cular entrance hall with its great staircase leading up into private shadows.

Thinking of the Mockers, he said, "As long asit isn't our rats that get drowned.

Tomas lay below the flashing Mystic blade that Miranda had cast, asit rebounded from wall to wall, carving through those warriors still standing.

With the ability to look like anyone on board,even the captain, it could go undetected for as long asit needed.

He cautiouslytouched the panel near the door and stepped back asit slid open.

Sisko attempted, fielding the glare of thegaunt dark face on the screen, "it's not quite as bad asit sounds.

In response, Dax maneuvered the Jem Hadar shipin a sharp turn to come in low, under the Centaur andO'Brien quickly strafed the other ship's underbelly asit flew by, scrubbing the sub-lateral weapons outlets.

This wasit--one of the "special missions" he had wheedled out of Starfleet Command, thanks to Vice-AdmiralWarner's pressure on Admiral Ross's depleted fleetcondition.

She sank heavily to the couch, engulfed in theminute painful hits a young person could get from asituation that others might see as frivolous.

So long as they are humanly made, and so long asit is this flood of moonlight from which the Dweller draws its power ofmaterialization, the Dweller itself, if not the product of the human mind,is at least dependent upon the product of the human mind for its appearance.