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acr. 1 (context electronics English) application specific integrated circuit 2 (context computing English) A computer programming language related to BASIC.

ASIC (disambiguation)

ASIC is an integrated circuit developed for a particular use, as opposed to a general-purpose device.

ASIC may also refer to:

  • Accreditation Service for International Colleges, an educational accreditation agency in the UK
  • Acid-sensing ion channels, a protein family
  • Air and Space Interoperability Council
  • Arfoire Syndicate of International Crime, the antagonist group in the video game Hyperdimension Neptunia Mk2
  • ASIC programming language, a dialect of BASIC
  • Association for Science and Information on Coffee, see Andrea Illy
  • Australian Securities and Investments Commission, an independent Australian government body that acts as Australia's corporate regulator
  • Aviation Security Identification Card, an Australian identification card
  • Application-specific integrated circuit.
ASIC (French Association of Internet Community Services)

French Association of Internet Community Services (ASIC) is a coalition of more than 20 firms from the Web environment including eBay, Google, Wikipedia formed to be an opposition force against the French government data retention measures planning to keep web users’ personal data information such has full names, postal address for a year.

Main objectives of the ASIC are:

  • Promoting basis and values of new generation of internet (democratization of communication, collaborative model and so on)
  • Highlight opportunities that Web 2.0 offers for French culture and economy
  • Popularize technical and economic models for the consumers, government, economic and cultural actors
  • Give internet users a sense of responsibility and improve child protection
  • Define good practice for personal data protection, children protection, promoting transparency and choices for users
  • Continue to fight against piracy,counterfeit, abuse of freedom of speech and expression
  • Contribute on the creation of new models

Usage examples of "asic".

By the time they were down the stairs and Leonard had given him the basics, he was already sure they weren't moving fast enough.

Pol ached a little at the Sunrunner's weary slump, memory supplying him with a picture of a vigorous man in the prime of his life who had taught him everything from basic swordsmanship to fine control of a Fire-conjuring.

Five days ago, Rohannon had volunteered to help her assemble the basic kits for each of Prince Arlis' ships, soon expected to sail in an attempt to rid Brochwell Bay of the Vellanti fleet.

And if the drug in his bloodstream slurred his speech just a trifle and put a flush in his cheeks, everyone assumed it was only the beginnings of the usual Sunrunner seasickness.

And if the next time we speak, I feel the least trace of dranath in you It's a long way to Snowcoves, Father, I'd be half-dead of seasickness before we got there.

For such an inquiry on so basic a level no computer was needed, a few phone calls and he'd discover no teacher, no trainer, no officer at any of the named institutions with a recollection of a person named Richard Dun.

For all the despoilments visited upon the place for good or ill, nothing could change the basic forces that lived here unseen and unmarked by any but the most attuned.

There was vast energy surging here, basic and primaland no one around to control it.

He could almost sense the presence of the ancient people who had determinedly executed the work using only the meager light of small oil lamps and the most basic of tools.