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Ashqout (; also spelled Ashkout, Achqout, `Ashqut) is a town and municipality in the Keserwan District of the Mount Lebanon Governorate of Lebanon. It is located 31 kilometers north of Beirut. Ashqout's average elevation is 1,000 meters above sea level and its total land area is 588 hectares. Its inhabitants are predominantly Maronite Catholic, with Christians from other denominations in the minority.

The town has three schools, one public and two private, in the town, with a total of 739 students as of 2008. The El-Hajj Hospital, which has 28 beds, is located in Ashqout. It is the birthplace of Ahmad Faris Shidyaq (1804-1887) and the Maronite Patriarch Paul Peter Massad (1806–1890).