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vb. (en-past of: ash)

Usage examples of "ashed".

Between them, dinner was cooked, served, eaten, and washed up satisfactorily.

Donovan held out his washed hand and Jimmy saw that there was no mark or cut of any kind on it.

The man had been struck down from behind, a smashing blow that had crashed in the skull.

Someone took the watch out and opened it, set back the hands, smashed the glass, and then shut it and put it back.

Together they washed off the accumulated and hardened grime and filth.

Except for the pale light that washed down in a periodic glimmer from the Upper City, he was in total darkness.

Then Steen, his face freshly washed clear of its paint and presenting a pallid, unhealthy appearance.

The colors flashed as he drew it out of its container, faded progressively as he returned it.

Or else he first removed his uniform, ashed it, removed the buckles and braid, left the cave naked, or perhaps in his underwear, discarded them, came back and killed himself.

Whoever killed the Sarkite wanted the ash to be taken for that of the Sarkite’s own clothing, removed and ashed before the killing, which we might then take for suicide or for the result of a private feud in no way connected with our patroller-impostor friend.

A shining angled pillar that, though rigid, immobile, seemed to crouch, be instinct with living force striving to be unleashed.

Before I had gone five paces Ventnor flashed by m e, revolver spitting.

At her brother's cry she turned and her arm flashed out of the veils with reassuring gesture.

Like flies dashed up against a rock--and the Thing was no more conscious of their striking than a rock would h a ve been of those flies.

Then I saw that this was splashed with tiny flashes of the jewel fires.