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n. (surname topographic from=Middle English dot=), spelling variant of Ash

Ashe -- U.S. County in North Carolina
Population (2000): 24384
Housing Units (2000): 13268
Land area (2000): 426.129387 sq. miles (1103.670000 sq. km)
Water area (2000): 0.654075 sq. miles (1.694046 sq. km)
Total area (2000): 426.783462 sq. miles (1105.364046 sq. km)
Located within: North Carolina (NC), FIPS 37
Location: 36.424166 N, 81.493302 W
Ashe, NC
Ashe County
Ashe County, NC

Ashe may refer to:

Ashe (name)

Ashe is a surname. Notable people with the surname include:

  • Ashe "Ashlyn Willson", Singer-Songwriter
  • Aran Ashe, British erotic writer
  • Arthur Ashe (1943–1993), American tennis player and social activist
  • Bowman Foster Ashe (1885–1952), American academic administrator
  • Brian Ashe (born 1963), American politician
  • Corey Ashe (born 1986), American soccer player
  • Daniela Denby-Ashe (born 1978), British actress
  • Danni Ashe (born 1968), American model and businesswoman
  • Douglas Ashe, pseudonym used by John Franklin Bardin (1916–1981)
  • Geoffrey Ashe (born 1923), British writer on Arthurian subjects
  • George Ashe (disambiguation), multiple people
  • John Ashe (disambiguation), multiple people
  • Robert William Escourt Ashe (1872–1911), Collector during the British Raj
  • Samuel Ashe (disambiguation), multiple people
  • Thomas Ashe (1885–1917), Irish Republican
  • Thomas Ashe (1836–1889), British poet
  • Thomas Samuel Ashe (1812–1887), American politician
  • Victor Ashe (born 1945), American mayor and ambassador
  • William Shepperd Ashe (1814–1862), American politician

Usage examples of "ashe".

At the end of the column of smoke a man had stood, a man in a gray mantled-cloak, much like the one Ashe wore.

So he had come to respect her ideas and rely on her almost as much as he did on Grunthor, which was why her leaving with Ashe felt like betrayal.

This was largely because she had never actually seen what Ashe looked like, though she had been closer to doing so than most.

The row that had ensued served as an unpleasant but effective introduction, not only between Ashe and herself, but Ashe and Rhapsody as well.

Jo was just beginning to learn to love her back when Ashe came to visit, complicating things.

Had he more a living man than the shell of a man that he was, Ashe might have h en able to resist whatever charms she had bound him with.

Rhapsody had said nothing, Ashe picked up on her increased nervousness.

She glanced back at Ashe, who had made a quick camp and was preparing the noonday meal over a small campfire.

Just as she decided to try it and took the first step, Ashe called out from behind her.

She looked around the interior of the room again as Ashe laid a fire with the wet branches he had found behind the hut.

She smiled and looked up at Ashe, who was kicking trie towel he had dropped on the floor under the bed.

Perhaps whatever odd nature caused his strange ocular formation was part of why Ashe was hunted.

In her dream Ashe sought her endlessly, hunting her wherever she went.

It caused a disturbance in her vision, and she began to wonder if that was how Ashe would appear.

Her immediate adversary, the one she had called Ashe, closed quickly, directly in front of her.