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The Collaborative International Dictionary

Ashame \A*shame\, v. t. [Pref. a- + shame: cf. AS. [=a]scamian to shame (where [=a]- is the same as Goth. us-, G. er-, and orig. meant out), gescamian, gesceamian, to shame.] To shame. [R.]


vb. (context transitive rare English) To make ashamed; to shame.

Usage examples of "ashame".

I guess Elnora was ashamed all right, for to-night she stopped at the old case Duncan gave her, and took out that pail, where it had been all day, and put a napkin inside it.

Belle and Jimmy had given up chasing the dog, and angry and ashamed, stood waiting half a block away.

I am ashamed to go to him in splendid condition and admit that I was having such a fine time I forgot to come home.

He was ashamed to revel in sweetmeats alone, and as he was fond of his gray-haired landlady, a woman old as the hills, he would share them with her.

Sefakas had been relieved at getting him out of the house, for he was ashamed to call him son.

He knew for what purpose his guest had come, and was ashamed to appear before him pale and debilitated.

And yet he felt ashamed that he, as pasha, had not the courage to order a halt, to strike the knives from the hands of the agas.

At first they had been ashamed, because they were not used to begging but hunger had compelled them.

Perhaps he was suddenly ashamed that he had not resisted the temptation.

She was ashamed to betray her dread, and to say where she now planned to go.

I should be afraid, but I will say I should be ashamed to pay him his money back on the day when I borrowed it.

Mathew Marksman really was, had ended in--what he was now ashamed to dwell over, or even to call to mind.

I got wild and desperate with the thought of what had happened to Mary, and with knowing they were ashamed to see me back again at home.

It must have been a longish while after that, afore I got ashamed to go home.

Father as good as said he was ashamed to own it, when he wrote me that letter: and I was afraid to own it, when I deserted from my ship.