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ASEP may mean:

  • Aboriginal Skills and Employment Partnership, a program aiming at sustainable employment for Aboriginal people in major economic industries of Canada
  • American Society of Exercise Physiologists
  • American Sport Education Program
  • U.S. Army Spouse Employment Partnership
  • Associate Systems Engineering Professional (Certification given by the INCOSE)
  • Association of Structural Engineers of the Philippines, Inc.
  • Association suisse pour les enfants précoces, English: Swiss Association for Precocious Children
  • Asymmetric simple exclusion process, in statistical physics.
  • Automated Supplementary Enroute weather Predictions, in aerial navigation
  • Automotive Service Educational Program, a Canadian accelerated apprenticeship program
  • Autostart extensibility point, the generic name of the various mechanisms used to extend an operating system's startup process
  • Ανώτατο Συμβούλιο Επιλογής Προσωπικού, Α.Σ.Ε.Π.: Anótato Symvoúlio Epilogís Prosopikoú (ASEP), English: Supreme Council for Personnel Selection