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ASCOM can refer to:

  • Ascom (company), the Swiss telecommunication company
  • Ascom Group, Moldovan oil and gas company
  • ASCOM (standard) is a standard for communicating with observatory equipment
  • ASCOM (US Army) Army Service Command
  • ASCOM (Philippine Army) Army Support Command
ASCOM (standard)

ASCOM (an abbreviation for AStronomy Common Object Model) is an open initiative to provide a standard interface to a range of astronomy equipment including mounts, focusers and imaging devices in a Microsoft Windows environment.

Ascom (company)

Ascom Holding AG is a telecommunications company focusing on wireless solutions (on-site communications solutions) and mobile network testing.

The company has subsidiaries in 19 countries and a workforce of some 1600 employees worldwide.

Ascom registered shares (symbol ASCN) are listed on the SIX Swiss Exchange in Zurich. Subsidiary is Ascom (Schweiz) AG with former company names Hasler AG, Hasler Ascom AG and Ascom AG.

Ascom Wireless Solutions is a provider of on-site wireless communications for hospitals, manufacturing industries, prisons, retail and hotels. The company offers voice and messaging systems. The solutions are based on VoWiFi, IP-DECT, Nurse Call and paging technologies. The company has subsidiaries in 10 countries and 1,600 employees worldwide. Founded in the 1950s as TATECO based in Göteborg, Sweden, Ascom Wireless Solutions is part of the Ascom Group, listed on the Swiss Stock Exchange.

Ascom Network Testing provides solutions to analyze mobile networks. The products are supplied to mobile operators, equipment vendors, and professional service providers. These activities are mainly based on the corresponding business segment TEMS acquired from Ericsson in 2009.