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Asch may refer to:

Asch (surname)

Asch is a surname. Notable people with the surname include:

  • Frank Asch (born 1946), American writer
  • Moe Asch (1905–1986), founder of Folkways Records, son of Sholem Asch
  • Nathan Asch (1902–1964), American writer
  • Peter Asch (born 1948), American water polo player
  • Ricardo Asch (born 1947), Argentinian endocrinologist
  • Roland Asch (born 1950), German race car driver
  • Sholem Asch (1880–1957), Polish Yiddish writer
  • Solomon Asch (1907–1996), US psychologist

Usage examples of "asch".

The doors were shut but there were rents in the canvas hood through which Asch could see a couple of suitcases and a very full kit bag.

The officer at the telephone, who was still without his call, put down the receiver and stared at Asch in utter astonishment.

Captain Witterer went over to Asch and drew himself up in front of him.

Even in the hut which Wedelmann shared with Asch the noiseless burning of the fire in the grate made one uneasy.

He slapped his thigh and looked across to where Asch was staring into the fire, waiting for the kettle to boil.

And he added to himself: If Asch is so much against Krause, then Krause must be a very different sort of man from Asch.

Kowalski, with a keenness which Asch and Wedelmann found quite astonishing.

The last time he had been along it had been with Herbert Asch and his wife Elizabeth and sister Ingrid.

And this is where Ingrid Asch lives, the girl whom I love and am going to marry.

And he looked at it for a long time for he wanted to be able to tell Asch all about it.

He felt more than a little put out at the idea of having Asch hanging about with nothing to do in future.

The fairly brusque encounter which had taken place between Sergeant Asch and Captain Witterer in the telephone hut had quickly gone the rounds.

So that Sergeant Asch will be relieved of his post and can take over the ammunition section.

Seeing Asch lying motionless on the straw, apparently asleep, he tried to be as quiet as possible.

Wedelmann very courteously, so that Asch stared at him in astonishment.