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init. (context space English) (initialism of w:Advanced Synthetic Aparture Radar Advanced Synthetic Aparture Radar English)


Asar may refer to:

  • Asar, Iran, a village in Aligudarz County, Lorestan Province, Iran
  • Asar Party, a former Kazakhstani political party
  • Advanced Synthetic Aperture Radar instrument aboard the European Space Agency's Envisat satellite
  • Arc Segment Attitude Reference, an on-boresight attitude reference symbol for a helmet-mounted display (HMD)
  • A 19th century transcription of the name Osiris, an Ancient Egyptian deity

Usage examples of "asar".

She thought of the asar, the hot sweet drink the night guards were given as soon as it could be brewed, and blew on her cold hands, looking outward again.

Antes le dijo a la sirvienta que tuviese perdices para la cena, pero que no las pusiera a asar hasta que la mandaran.

Paks took down her windblown hair and rebraided it quickly, then downed a mug of asar.

Lo que aquellos malditos yagas habían puesto a asar para la cena eran los restos de un cuerpo humano.

Sukey had been enthralled by the notion of a hollow Earth lit by a small central sun, a land of tranquillity and invincible goodness, peopled by dwarfish gentlefolk possessing all wisdom and delight Had not the ancients told tales of subterranean Asar, Avalon, the Elysian Fields, Ratmansu, and Ultima Thule?