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Asak may refer to:

Iran: Asak may refer to one of several places:
  • Asak, Gilan
  • Asak, Hirmand, Sistan and Baluchestan Province
  • Asak, Qorqori, Hirmand County, Sistan and Baluchestan Province
North Africa:
  • Asak (Tuareg), traditional songs of the Tuareg people
  • Asak (Norway), a village in Østfold

Usage examples of "asak".

Burnt their city of Alpèasak and sent the few survivors fleeing back to their own world and to their own cities across the sea.

Omal and Satsat as well for we are the only survivors of those who were sent to Alpèasak.

We go to the city of Alpèasak which is larger than Ikhalmenets, is rich in new/ delicious animals, has a hanalè of pleasurable size.

Ustuzou driven out, the city Yilanè once again—for Ikhalmenets has gone to Alpèasak.

Then, on most days, she would sign to Vaintè to tell them more about Gendasi* distant across the sea, of Alpèasak the city that grew and was Yilanè, was burnt and infected by ustuzou, was reclaimed again in the end.

This Enge has been to Gendasi* and survived the destruction of Alpèasak.

There are Yilanè of science present in Alpèasak who have ways of searching and finding.

We have had the privilege of hearing Vaintè tell us how she has crossed it in an uruketo to the land on the other side, to Entoban* and the city of Alpèasak.

Not to the city of Alpèasak, for the eistaa there has little love for the Daughters of Death.

You knew them when you first came to Alpèasak, before you fled destruction, before you returned.

The Eistaa there is Lanefenuu, she who was Eistaa of Ikhalmenets before it came to Alpèasak.

It was I, as you know, who freed Alpèasak of the ustuzou so she could bring her own city there.

In the short time before they reached Alpèasak there was no opportunity to resume it.

I banished you from Gendasi* and from Alpèasak—and from my presence forever.

All of your records that Akotolp brought with us from Alpèasak are now in the uruketo and there they will remain.