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Arz may refer to:

  • Arizona, a U.S. state
    • Arizona Cardinals, an American football team
    • Arizona Diamondbacks, a baseball team
  • Arz (river), in Brittany, France
    • Île-d'Arz, an archipelago in Brittany, France
  • Alternate name for the Cedars of God area in Lebanon
  • The three-letter IATA code for N'zeto Airport in Angola
  • The ISO 639-2/3 language code for Egyptian Arabic
Arz (river)

The Arz is a long river in the Morbihan département, northwestern France. Its source is at Plaudren. It flows generally east-southeast. It is a right tributary of the Oust into which it flows at Saint-Jean-la-Poterie, near Redon.