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ARY may stand for:

  • Abdul Razzak Yaqoob, a Pakistani expatriate businessman
  • Andre Romelle Young, real name of Dr. Dre

ARY may also refer to:

  • ARY Digital, a Pakistani television network
  • ARY Group, a Dubai-based holding company
  • ARY Digital Network, a subsidiary of the ARY Group
  • ARY Musik (formerly The Musik), a Pakistani Urdu-English music channel
  • ARY One World, a bilingual news channel in English and Urdu
  • Arity, the number of arguments or operands that a mathematical function takes
  • Ararat Airport (IATA airport code)

ary is the ISO 639-3 code for the Moroccan Arabic language.

Usage examples of "ary".

Ser Arys and Ser Balon are far away in Dorne, Jaime is off at Riverrun, and Ser Osmund is the brother of the man accusing her, which leaves only .

Tell Ser Balon that Darkstar tried to kill her and Ser Arys stepped between them and saved her life.

Fritz, and that other bastard over there, in the shiny wooden clogs and the dustcoat with the sleeves rolled up, is our Ary.

Gier said, pointing at Ary and Fritz, who were buying dustcoats at a stall.

Little Myrcella Baratheon stood with her septa and Ser Arys of the Kingsguard, sweltering in his white-enameled scales.

She sang, there in the yellow lamplight and red firelight, among the shady-shadowy trees and the mountain dark, without ary slice of moon overhead.

Nobody liked him but ary man, woman and child in the Rebel Creek county feared him.

Rafe Enoch says for rain to fall, down it comes, ary hour day or night he speaks.

But make a foolish move, John, and I might play a note that would have the bones out of your body without ary bit of help from Kalu.

Carvalho and perpetuated by Christine Nilsson and the painter Ary Scheffer, Marguerite is a good deal of a grande dame, and against the German critics it might appositely be pleaded that there are more traces of childish ingenuousness in her rejoicing over the casket of jewels than in any of her other utterances.

Johnny and Ary and Mandy and Thea stood guard with autoshots against the unlikely event that any of the demonstrators would be foolish enough to attempt to come up over the fence.

Too bad she wouldn't glutch down ary o' them young connors in the speedboat.

The absence of water pouring over her and the slackening of the wind indicated a sanctu ary, and she was inside the little cave before she even realized it existed.