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Ethiopia had once been ruled by a great and evil serpent named Arwe or Waynaba.

And with that word, the arwes in the caas Of the goddesse clateren faste and rynge, And forth she wente, and made a vanysshynge, For which this Emelye astoned was, And seyde, "What amounteth this, allas!

Certes, this dreem which ye han met tonyght Cometh of greet superfluytee Of youre rede colera, pardee, Which causeth folk to dreden in hir dremes Of arwes, and of fyre with rede lemes, Of grete beestes, that they wol hem byte, Of contekes, and of whelpes grete and lyte.

Ne dreed hem nat, doth hem no reverence, For though thyn housbonde armed be in maille, The arwes of thy crabbed eloquence Shal perce his brest and eek his aventaille.