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n. (alternative spelling of arval English)

Usage examples of "arvel".

This in turn involved us in the proceedings of the Stellar Institute back on Arvel, its rather hectic social rounds as well as its data evaluations.

Since the truth has never become as widely known on Arvel as it should be, let me set it briefly forth.

To be sure, those were all primitives, whereas now Arvel was dealing with a civilization that sundered the atom, rebuilt the gene, and colonized across interstellar distances.

In that respect, Arvel would gain less, inasmuch as the Sarnirian System has a cos-mically unusual distribution of elements.

The sun stood close to midday in a wan heaven, its disc seeming slightly larger than that of Sarnir above Arvel but its light muted.

Humans who come to Arvel have an advantage over us in that regard, needing less life support apparatus.

Zeke had snickered and teased for days afterward, but Arvel was fine with all that, because he was alive.

Now it was the custom in those days that a high born man, before he could take possession of any inheritance left to him by his father, should hold an arvel, or inheritance feast.

King Sweyn was at this time preparing to hold such a feast before taking possession of the Danish kingdom, so it was arranged that Sweyn and Sigvaldi should make one arvel serve for them both, and Sweyn sent word to Sigvaldi inviting him with all his captains and chosen warriors to join him in Zealand, and so arrange it that the greatest possible honour should be done to the dead.

Now, this same Thorkel was an old enemy of Vagn Akison, and at the arvel of King Sweyn, Vagn had taken a solemn oath that he would be the death of him.

In that respect, Arvel would gain less, inasmuch as the Sarnirian System has a cosmically unusual distribution of elements.