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Arva, ARVA, or Arvas may refer to:

Current places:
  • Arva, Ontario, Middlesex Centre, Ontario, Canada
  • Arva, Iran, a village in Ardabil Province, Iran
  • Arvagh or Arva, County Cavan, Ireland
  • Arva River, tributary of the Milcov River in Romania
  • Orava (region) (Hungarian Árva), in Slovakia and Poland
  • Aladangady or Arva, Karnataka, India
  • Arva, village in Valea Călugărească, Prahova, Romania
  • Arva, village in Broșteni, Vrancea, Romania
Historical places:
  • Árva County, Kingdom of Hungary
  • Arba (Achaea), ancient Greece
  • Gábor Arva, Hungarian canoeist
  • Serhat Arvas, Turkish action movie filmographer
  • Arva, pseudonym for one of The Kransky Sisters
  • Arvas, Norwegian black metal band
  • Avalanche transceiver, Beacon or ARVA
  • Arva Industries, Canadian heavy machinery company
  • ARVA Energetika, Russian energy company