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Arun is a local government district in West Sussex, England. It contains the towns of Arundel, Bognor Regis and Littlehampton, and takes its name from the River Arun, which runs through the centre of the district.

Arun (disambiguation)

Arun is a district of West Sussex, England..

Arun is a common male name among Hindus. It may also refer to:

Arun (given name)

Arun is a male given name among Hindus and Cambodians. In Hinduism, the name has been derived from Sanskrit name Aruna. The charioteer of Solar deity is called "Arun" and the name has following meanings;

  • Dawn
  • Reddish glow in the morning sky
  • Sun

Following is list of notable people with "Arun" as their first, middle or last name.

Usage examples of "arun".

Adur, Lavant, Arun, Chanctonbury, Mount Caburn, do not find a place in it.

Without hesitation, she flicked them off and renewed her relationship with Amdhu, Arun, Prana, and the rest of the family.

Aunt Kastori and I forage about for Pachali faces, but terribly bloated features make it difficult to recognize Amdhu, Rama, Prana, Shira, Arun, the twins, Uncle Chupar, Shakur.

The flashing eyes set deep, the long nose and high cheek-bones Arun looked every inch the Afghan warrior.

From the brevity of her skirt, the height of her heels and the tightness of her top, I suspected that though Arun had helped a damsel in distress she was no maiden.

I would have loved to intervene in the conversation, but I was intrigued to know how Arun would proceed.

The sound quality on the phone was very bad and Arun had to run over and turn the television down in order for them to get through the obligatory several minutes of family-related small talk.

Like many Indian politicians of a certain age, Arun liked to find the CIA everywhere.

She always comes arunning, does she, if any of her family are in trouble?

Two not specifically mentioned there I would like to pay special tribute to: Arun Sinha, who joined me first as technician, later as student and then postdoctoral colleague, and was with me through all the early years at Imperial College and the Open University.