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Artyom (disambiguation)

Artyom, also spelled Artem, is a Slavic male given name.

It may also refer to:

  • Artyom, Azerbaijan, a town in Azerbaijan
  • Artyom, Russia, a town in Primorsky Krai, Russia
  • Artem Island, alternative name of Pirallahi Island in the Caspian Sea

'''Artyom ''' is a male given name common in Russia and other Slavic-speaking countries. The name uses the " ё" letter, which can be transcribed to English as "e" but still has the "yo" sound. Furthering confusion there is another name Artem , whose only spelling in English is "Artem", and is pronounced with the "em" ending syllable.

The name is derived from the Ancient Greek name Artemios (Greek: Αρτέμιος), the name of the saint Artemius, derived from the name of the goddess Artemis.