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n. (plural of art English).


n. studies intended to provide general knowledge and intellectual skills (rather than occupational or professional skills); "the college of arts and sciences" [syn: humanistic discipline, humanities, liberal arts]


ARTS may refer to:

  • Accelerated Ray Tracing System, software developed by Akira Fujimoto
  • Alpha Repertory Television Service, one of the predecessors that formed the A&E Network
  • aRts, analog real time synthesizer, an audio component of the KDE desktop environment
  • National Foundation for Advancement in the Arts, their program known formerly as the Arts Recognition and Talent Search
  • Association for Retail Technology Standards program
  • Pasadena Area Rapid Transit System, the Pasadena, CA bus system known as Pasadena ARTS
  • ARTS-Dance, the Alliance of Round, Traditional and Square-Dance, Inc.
  • Automated Radar Terminal System, also known as Common ARTS, an air traffic control computer system
  • Action real-time strategy, a term for the video game subgenre, multiplayer online battle arena
  • Classic Arts Showcase
ARTS (radiative transfer code)

ARTS (Atmospheric Radiative Transfer Simulator) is an atmospheric radiative transfer algorithm for the millimeter and sub-millimeter wavelengths. While the model is developed by a community, core development is done by the University of Hamburg, Chalmers University, and Luleå University of Technology.

Usage examples of "arts".

Such were the arts of war, by which the Roman emperors defended their extensive conquests, and preserved a military spirit, at a time when every other virtue was oppressed by luxury and despotism.

From such laudable arts did the valor of the Imperial troops receive a degree of firmness and docility unattainable by the impetuous and irregular passions of barbarians.

The jurisdiction of that province extended over the ancient monarchies of Troy, Lydia, and Phrygia, the maritime countries of the Pamphylians, Lycians, and Carians, and the Grecian colonies of Ionia, which equalled in arts, though not in arms, the glory of their parent.

It is a just though trite observation, that victorious Rome was herself subdued by the arts of Greece.

The youths of a promising genius were instructed in the arts and sciences, and their price was ascertained by the degree of their skill and talents.

Their greatness alone, or their beauty, might deserve our attention: but they are rendered more interesting, by two important circumstances, which connect the agreeable history of the arts with the more useful history of human manners.

They affirm, that with the improvement of arts, the human species were visibly multiplied.

Lucian, this age of indolence passed away without having produced a single writer of original genius, or who excelled in the arts of elegant composition.

He encouraged the arts, reformed the laws, asserted military discipline, and visited all his provinces in person.

Nero himself excelled, or affected to excel, in the elegant arts of music and poetry: nor should we despise his pursuits, had he not converted the pleasing relaxation of a leisure hour into the serious business and ambition of his life.

Yet the arts of Severus cannot be justified by the most ample privileges of state reason.

But they fell, singly and successively, an easy prey to the arts as well as arms of their subtle enemy, lulled into security by the moderation of his professions, and overwhelmed by the rapidity of his action.

Such intrepid virtue, which had escaped pure and unsullied from the intrigues courts, the habits of business, and the arts of his profession, reflects more lustre on the memory of Papinian, than all his great employments, his numerous writings, and the superior reputation as a lawyer, which he has preserved through every age of the Roman jurisprudence.

By the most gentle arts he labored to inspire the fierce multitude with a sense of duty, and to restore at least a faint image of that discipline to which the Romans owed their empire over so many other nations, as warlike and more powerful than themselves.

Such was the deplorable weakness of government, that the emperor was unable to revenge his murdered friend and his insulted dignity, without stooping to the arts of patience and dissimulation.