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Artin may refer to

  • A variant of Harutyun (given name), a given Armenian name
  • An ancient Persian given name deriving from the name of the seventh king of the Median Empire
  • Artin, a Chinese manufacturer of 1/64, 1/43, and 1/32 scale slot cars and track
  • 15378 Artin, a main-belt asteroid discovered on August 7, 1997 by P. G. Comba at Prescott
Artin (name)

Artin is both a surname and a given name. Notable people with the name include:


  • Emil Artin, Austrian mathematician
  • Michael Artin, American mathematician, son of Emil Artin
  • Murad Artin (born 1960), Swedish politician
  • Wendy Artin (born 1963), American painter
  • Yacoub Artin (1842–1919), Armenian-Egyptian educator and writer

Given name:

  • Artin Boşgezenyan, an Armenian deputy for Aleppo in the first (1908–1912), second (April–August 1912) and third (1914–1918) Ottoman Parliaments of the Constitutional Era
  • Artin Dadyan Pasha, Armenian citizen of the Ottoman Empire and Secretary of State for Foreign Affairs from 1876 until 1901
  • Artin Hindoğlu, 19th-century Ottoman etymologist, interpreter, professor, linguist, and writer of the first modern French-Turkish dictionary
  • Artin Penik (1921–1982), Turkish-Armenian protestor who committed suicide by self-immolation