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artificial blood

n. a liquid that can carry large amounts of oxygen and can serve as a temporary substitute for blood

Usage examples of "artificial blood".

Pumps that would have functioned at a hundred times the gravity (though the embryonized could not have endured that) pushed onax through their vessels, and the hearts contracted once or twice a minute, not working but, instead, passively moved by the influx of the life-giving artificial blood.

Infusing artificial blood isn't even a difficult medical procedure.

Only a few drops at a time, but a little of my artificial blood goes a long way.

He tossed the tourniquet away, then turned on the artificial blood-supply machinery.

Using a small surgical tool to drill a hole in Seth Morley's side, he adroitly fastened the feedertube of the artificial blood-supply.

What if his synHeart stopped pumping, the artificial blood stopped flowing, the microprocessor did burn out and .

Over and over they rolled as the audience screamed and Monk's assistants raced into the cage with their weapons drawn, but before any shots could be fired or lasers unleashed, Monk was back on his feet, his shirt covered with artificial blood.

His human re-serves had been depleted, and neither surgery nor artificial blood could take the place of rest.

I gather that my companion Nyssa went some way towards developing an artificial blood substitute, at least, if the traces she left in the TARDIS labs were anything to go by.

To make a Wampyr you took an ordinary man, killed him by pumping the blood right out of him, and then refilled him with artificial Blood, which revived him.