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She started giving Lilly drugs at ten and started forcing her to whore herself to whoever would pay at thirteen.

I grab the end of the bed and I lift it and I flip it and the mattress goes and I grab the simple metal f r ame and I lift it and I throw it down with everything everything everything and it snaps but it's not enough so I stomp it stomp it stomp it and it snaps again again again and th e re are only broken bars and bolts and screws and I'm screaming and it feels good and I'm just getting started.

Take a way their Meetings and their Dogma and they have nothing, Tak e them away and they are back where they started.

I started skipping School and following this guy around my neighborhood whose name was Michelangelo, but who was better known as Mikey the Nose.

His first words are when I had my first hit single and I got famous I started to party really fucking hard.

The Sun has started rising and shafts of yellow and white are burning away a mist.

We both started drinking more and doing too much cocaine, but Michelangelo completely lost it.

I didn't know where he went, didn't hear from him at all, so I started mourning him.

We started hanging around together all the time, studying, walking to Class, eating lunch, drinking coffee and smoking cigarettes, drinking beers, doing whatever, and we became really close.

She started smoking pot on a lark, met a man and fell in love, and the m an happened to be a heroin Dealer who got her hooked on his product.

At fifteen I started using harder stuff, coke and acid and c rystal meth.

The FBI started investigating me for dealing and I got questioned by them at the local Police Station five or six times.

They opened the door, I started swinging, and they beat my ass with billy clubs and arrested me.

When I came back to the States and I went down to North Carolina, I started smoking crack again.

When I went home, I started hiding liquor in my house, in my office and in my car, and I drank as much as I could.