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Arta (regional unit)

Arta is one of the regional units of Greece. It is part of the Epirus region. Its capital is the town of Arta.


Arta or ARTA may refer to:

  • Arta (Kamuia), elder brother of the 1st century BCE Indo-Scythian ruler Maues
  • Arta Dobroshi (born 1979), Kosovar actress
  • Arta Muçaj (born 1974), Albanian actress
  • Arta, Azerbaijan, a village and municipality
  • Arta Region, Djibouti
  • Arta, Djibouti, capital city of Arta Region
  • Arta Prefecture, Greece
  • Arta (regional unit), Greece
  • Arta, Greece, capital city of Arta regional unit
  • Medieval Despotate of Arta (1358–1416)
  • Artà, a municipality on the island of Majorca, Spain
  • Nartë (Arta in Greek), Albania
  • Ambracian Gulf, also known as the Gulf of Arta, a gulf of the Ionian Sea
  • Asha (also called Arta), concept of rightness and divine order in the ancient Aryan cultures
  • Arta Industrial Group, a multinational conglomerate headquartered in Tehran, Iran
  • Arta FM, first Kurdish radio station in Syria
  • Auckland Regional Transport Authority, New Zealand
  • Autobacs Racing Team Aguri, a Japanese auto racing team
  • CE Artà, a football club in Spain's Balearic Islands
  • Arta (moth), a genus of moths
  • Arta language of the northern Philippines
Arta (Kamuia)

Arta (or Artas in Kharoshthi) was the elder brother of the well known Gandhara ruler Maues or Moga.

Kharahostes’s own coins attest that Kshatrapa Kharaostes was the son of Artas (Arta):

Kshatrapasa pra Kharaostasa Artasa putrasa (i.e. Kshatrapa Kharaosta, son of Arta).

Some of Kharaosta's known coins write Ortas instead of Artas.

Scholars state that Yuvaraja Kharaosta Kamuio of the Lion Capital Inscriptions is same Kshatrapa Kharaosta whose coins have been studied by Dr Rapson and Dr Luders. It is now generally agreed that Kshatrapa Kharaosta was son Arta, and that Yuvaraja Kharaosta and Kshatrapa Kharaosta were one and same historical personage.

The Inscriptions A and E on the Mathura Lion Capital style Kharaosta as Yuvaraya Kharaosta Kamuio 1.

Based on the estimates of the relative ages of various personages portrayed in Lion Capital Inscriptions, Dr Stein Konow has determined that Yuvaraja Kharaosta Kamuio (i.e. son of Artas) was the father of Aiyasi Kamuia, the chief queen (Agra-Mahisi) of Saka Mahakshatrapa Rajuvula. See also: 2.

An older view was that Arta, the father of Kharaosta, was the first husband of Rajuvula's chief queen who had married Rajuvula after Arta's death. However, Dr S Konow does not accept this view. The fact that last name Kamuia has been used both by Yuvaraja Kharaosta as well as by princess Aiyasi clearly proves that Aiyasi Kamuia was the daughter and not mother of Yuvaraja Kharaosta Kamuio, since it is the father's and not mother's lineage which is adopted by their off-springs.

It appears that Arta (Artas, Ortas) had died before the date of writing of the Mathura Lion Capital inscriptions.

Yuvaraja Kharaosta Kamuio, therefore, was the legitimate inheritor to the position as King of Kings for the kingdom of Gandhara after king Moga.

Saka governor Rajuvula had married princess Aiyasi Kamuia, daughter of Yuvaraja Kharaosta Kamuio, probably to strengthen his political position and also his claim to the throne (of Taxila).

This prospect was obviously not liked by other Saka chiefs. This appears to be the reason as to why the title of Shahanshahi was discontinued and only the titles of Kshatrapa and Mahakshtarpa obtained among the Sakas from that time onwards. These Sakas later organized a Samgha under Rajuvula and Patika when Rajuvula assumed the title of Maha-Ksatrapa for the first time.

It appears, for some reasons, that Yuvaraja Kharaosta Kamuio did not avail the position of King of Kings after Moga's death.

Many scholars including Sten Konow, H. W. Bailey, R. K. Mukerjee, K. P. Jaiswal, J. L. Kamboj, Buddha Prakash and others recognise that the names Kamuia and Kamuio (q.v) of the Mathura Lion Capital Inscriptions are the Kharoshthi/Prakritic forms of Sanskrit/Pali Kambojika or Kamboja.

Hence according to one school of scholars, king Maues, his brother Arta, Kharaosta Kamuio and Kharaosta's daughter Aiyasi Kamuia --- all belonged to the Kambojika or Kamboja clan or lineage.


Artà is one of the 53 independent municipalities on the Spanish Balearic island of Majorca. The small town of the same name is the administrative seat of this municipality in the region ( Comarca) of Llevant.

Arta (moth)

Arta is a genus of snout moths. It was described by Grote, in 1875.