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ARST is a Paralympic archery classification. It is a standing class. This class includes Les Autres sportspeople. People from this class compete in the sport at the Paralympic Games. Some people in this class can use stools or have an assistant knock their arrows. Classification is handled by FITA – International Archery Federation

ARST (company)

ARST S.p.A., know also as Azienda Regionale Sarda Trasporti, is a public company responsible for public transportation in Sardinia, in Italy, owned by the autonomous regional administration of Sardinia.

The company is headquartered in Cagliari and has 2,166 employees. It operates a large part of the intercity bus lines on the island (it had 175 bus lines and a network of 13,500 km in 2007), urban bus lines in six municipalities (Alghero, Carbonia, Iglesias, Macomer, Guspini and Oristano), commuter and urban rail transport on 169 km of narrow gauge railways and on two metrotramways operating in Sassari and Cagliari. ARST operates also 438 km of narrow railways, based on 4 lines, used as a rail tourism service, called Trenino Verde.

| Cagliari Metrotramway | Sassari Metrotramway

ARST mercedes benz citaro.jpg| Intercity Bus in Sassari ARST.jpg| Intercity Bus in Cagliari - 0224 - 2015.jpg| Intercity Bus in Aggius

- 77 - aga - 2015.jpg|Urban Bus in Alghero Benz VDL MidCity ARST Carbonia.jpg|Urban minibuses in Carbonia

ARST FdS Sassari Alghero 2.jpg| Ades Train (perating on Sassari-Alghero railway line) vapore Sassari.jpg| Steam locomotive on a turist line operated by the Trenino Verde

Usage examples of "arst".

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So, since the doctor is always anxious to accommodate those under his care, he has arst me to take you to visit him.

They arst of that suewish rtas then m we arI r chickhen he tFred eet lookch mffee, waN C E snames len I was ords.

I was sayin', he was a queer old joker as arsted for the name of Snowdon.

Jake and Tim proposed to become arster drudgers, and the boat they had in mind was ideal for their purpose.